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SEAN DAVID MORTON - LIVE! Saturday 3/20, 4pm PT / 7pm ET


Join Us Saturday!

Sean will join us on line – through Zoom – LIVE. He will join Lorien Fenton (Revolution Radio, The Fenton Perspective) to discuss his book series, Sands of Time; present his “7 Options Towards Regulatory Freedom”; you’ll have access to his 2017 “Antartica Revealed” presentation (over 2 hours!); PLUS 24 hour access to a “never before seen by the public” video of Sean’s encounter with a REAL Super Soldier – “Ghost Walker: A Super Soldier’s Story”.

Look for our next Sean David Morton - LIVE! event coming soon!









Lorien and Sean are planning to hold another SDM – LIVE! event in the near future as Sean starts to feel better.






SEAN’S stunning predictions of future events in his books, lectures and monthly “Delphi Associates” Newsletter, have brought him recognition as one of America’s premiere futurists, researchers and spiritual teachers. Sean is also a Remote Viewer. He has been the director of THE PROPHECY RESEARCH INSTITUTE since 1992. His bestselling, and well reviewed and critically acclaimed novel BLACK SERAPH is available on AMAZON.

His book trilogy, SANDS OF TIME, is an epic story spanning over forty years in the life of Dr. Ted Humphrey and his involvement with Area 51, The Dulce Mesa Wars, The Montauk Project, Black ops, The shadow Government, and his meteoric rise to become head of an all powerful global organization engaged in a desperate and above top secret race against time to save our world.

Coast-To-Coast AM radio host ART BELL has called Sean “America’s Prophet… frighteningly accurate” and “My all time favorite guest!” Sean’s insight, vision, intensity of information, and wonderful sense of humor, make his workshop presentations and speaking tours in demand.

Sean first came to national recognition with his deadly accurate predictions of the 1989 San Francisco, ’92 Landers, ’94 Northridge and ’95 Kobe, Japan earthquakes. Also known for his investigations into Area 51 where he filmed UFO’S and was able to get these photos on the front page of the LA TIMES – pulling the UFO presence out of the shadows and turning it into a worldwide phenomenon. Since then, the sheer documented accuracy of his predictions have been astounding.

Mr. Morton is also an award winning independent filmmaker and has been a reporter/writer/producer/director for STRANGE UNIVERSE, HARD COPY, SIGHTINGS and Geroldo Riveria’s NOW IT CAN BE TOLD. He has written, produced and/or appeared on, CONSPIRACY ZONE with Kevin Nealon, BEST KEPT SECRETS, DESTINATION: EARTH, SIGHTINGS, ENCOUNTERS, ANCIENT ALIENS, MYSTERIES, MAGIC AND MIRACLES, THE OTHER SIDE, PARANORMAL BORDERLINE, MONTEL WILLIAMS, VICKI, HARD COPY and was the the most listen to guest for 18 years on COAST TO COAST AM with Art Bell; when Art had an audience of 26 million. His daily internet radio program, Strange Universe Radio, can be found ranked as the number one talk show in its time slot on the Internet most days.

Sean tirelessly continues his quest to bring the light of world media attention to the paranormal, the prophetic and to the Ascension of Mankind.